Friday, May 7, 2010

Rekers' RentBoy Talks to Joe.My.God.

The scandal involving Family Research Council co-founder Dr. George Rekers, who promotes conversion therapy for us sinful homos, and his two-week European vacation with a very young male escort he hired from, just keeps getting juicier by the minute.

Rekers has repeatedly denied that the young man was hired for his sexual services, although his flimsy story has changed over the last few days. Rekers has maintained that he only hired the young man to carry his luggage, as he was unable to do any heavy lifting due to previous a surgery. First he said he hired him from the site to convert him. Then he said he didn't know the young man's profession when he hired him. I guess he didn't understand the terms of use on and the adult verification disclosure. What a dumb-ass.

Blogger Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God, has been on top of this evolving story since it first broke on Tuesday in the Miami New Times after one of their photographers snapped a pic of Rekers and 20-year-old Jo-Vanni Roman at the Miami airport upon their return. Joe managed to get an exclusive interview early this morning with the young man at the center of the scandal.

During the 90-minute phone conversation that ended at 3:00 am, Jo-Vanni Roman, (initially identified as Lucian) whom Joe describes as smart, but naive. According to the interview, Roman's first contact with Rekers was by email through They only met in person one time before their trip to Europe, but "nothing happened."

Roman did confirm that while on the trip he did all the heavy lifting because of Rekers' three hernia surgeries, but added that stories of erotic massages, including anal stimulation, where true, saying, "He was definitely totally gay for me."

Joe asked Jo-Vanni if he thought it was weird that Rekers didn't want to go further sexually, the young man responded, "Yeah, at first, I guess. But it kinda felt like maybe he was just getting started, you know, like he was new to gay sex, maybe." I really doubt that this is the case for a middle-aged, raging anti-gay activist. Maybe what they say is true that the worst homophobes are really trying to hide their own homosexuality.

Jo-Vanni confirmed to Joe that he has been approached by the National Enquirer and is doing an interview with Anderson Cooper this morning. Read Joe's full interview at Joe.My.God.

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