Friday, November 30, 2012

Wedding News: Bil Browning to Officiate

Bil, Steve and Jerame. (I just lost 20 lbs. Why do I still look fat?)
That's right, gays and gals, Bil Browning, long time LGBT rights activist and Editor in Chief of The Bilerico Project has agreed to officiate at our ceremony in DC next month.

Paul and I feel so honored. Bil has been great about posting articles I've submitted and has been so supportive of my writing. We finally got to meet here in Charlotte when he and his partner, Jerame Davis, Executive Director of Stonewall Democrats, were in town for the Democratic Convention.

We had a great afternoon of French pastries and conversation at Amelie's that day and laid the foundation for what I hope will be a long friendship.

I can't express how thrilled Paul and I are to finally be getting married after thirteen years together, on our anniversary date and in the city that I will always think of as my home town.

Still so many details to work out. Will post more as things develop.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Breaking Marriage Equality News: Mine! (with Music by ABBA)

...or more correctly, "ours". After nearly thirteen years together, my hubby Paul and I have decided to make it official and are planning to get gay married in DC next month. We're still working out the details, but one thing is definite, I want this song played at the ceremony. More details to come.


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