Thursday, June 25, 2009

Actress Farrah Fawcett Dies at Age 62

Actress Farrah Fawcett has died after a two-year battle with anal cancer. When the cancer spread to her liver, Fawcett launched an aggressive fight against the disease, seeking out new treatments in the U.S. and Germany.

Fawcett recorded her courageous battle with the help of best friend Alana Stewart, in the documentary, "Farrah's Story" which aired on TV in May.

Her longtime partner, actor Ryan O'Neil, was by her side throughout her ordeal, despite their often stormy on-again, off-again relationship. The couple had announced this week that they were finally going to get married after over 20 years together.

During the seventies, Fawcett was married to TV's "The Six Million Dollar Man", actor Lee Majors before making it big as Jill Monroe on "Charlie's Angels". Although she left the series after its first season, the actress has always been remembered for that roll and her billowing hair.

Critics thought she was just another pretty, dumb blonde getting by on her looks. Farrah proved them wrong in 1984's "The Burning Bed" a TV movie about an abused wife who kills her husband by setting him on fire as he slept, a roll that raised awareness of battered wife syndrome, which earned her the first of five Golden Globe nominations throughout her career.

Fawcett won critical acclaim for her work on stage in the extremely physical roll of a rape victim who turns the tables on her rapist in the play "Extremeties". She was nominated for another Golden Globe when the play became a TV movie in 1986.

The actress is survived by Ryan O'Neil and their son Redmond.

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