Friday, September 7, 2012

Post-DNC Meet Up with Bilerco's Bil Browning and Stonewall Democrats' Jerame Davis

(L-R) Bil Browning, Rev. Steve, Jerame Davis.
Every now and then, if you are very lucky, you get to meet someone whose work you admire and who inspires you to strive harder in your own work. Today I had such an opportunity when my hubby, Paul and I met up with Bil Browning, Editor-in-Chief of The Bilerco Project and his partner, Jerame Davis, Executive Director of Stonewall Democrats.

The guys were in Charlotte this week for the Democratic National Convention and stayed an extra day to decompress. The duo were the lucky house guests of Q-Notes Editor and Bilerico contributor Matt Comer this week, who, unfortunately, couldn't join us.

The four of us had a leisurely chat over Napoleons, raspberry tarts, chocolate moose and the signature Salted Caramel Brownie at Amelie's French Bakery in the NoDa section of Charlotte. Bil commented that this was his favorite stop in the Queen City.

Naturally we talked about the most LGBT-inclusive political convention ever and I wanted to know all about it. Jerame said the atmosphere was electric, despite the crush of people and the festival-style seating. Oh, to have been in that hall during all those inspiring speeches.

We also talked about Barney Frank's remarks yesterday, when he called Log Cabin Republicans "Uncle Toms". While I heartily agreed with with Uncle Barney, Jerame stuck to his official press statement, when his organization joined a chorus of others in distancing themselves from Frank's comments:
"It's definitely not the best language to use," executive director Jerame Davis said. "And I definitely wouldn't use that language myself. That is definitely not the position of Stonewall Democrats."
"The truth is that they do play a certain role of kowtowing to the Republican Party in a way that borders on inappropriate itself." 
Well said, Jerame. Personally, I love Barney's new "I'm-retiring-so-I'll-say-anything-I-want-and-fuck-you-if-you-don't-like-it" attitude. I wish there was more of it in DC.

As for Bil, it was such an honor to meet somebody who has built such an amazing career and who has been such an inspiration to me. He has posted several of my articles over the years ("What's in a Handshake?" and "What to Tell Your Kids About Gay Sex" for example). I can't express what a joy it was to finally meet him.

Thank you Bil and Jerame for taking the time to get together. Paul and I had a great time! Have a safe trip home.


  1. I think it needed to be said in no uncertain terms what gay Republicans are supporting. Being brutally honest is what is needed!

  2. I agree with you Jeff and I'm sure that all of the gay orgs that are distancing themselves from Barney's remarks secretly do too. But inside the DC Beltway, you have to play the game and come up with ways to disapprove of things like this without being to harsh. Uncle Barney has done a lot for the LGBT community, even though he has taken the slow and steady approach in the past. He takes credit for being the first out gay congressman in US history, but leaves out the part about the scandal back in 1989 that almost ended his career, when a male hooker outed him to the press. There are to saints in DC.


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