Sunday, September 2, 2012

March to Repeal NC Amendment One in Charlotte on Labor Day

All eyes are on Charlotte this week as the Democratic National Convention kicks off in what both parties see as a battleground state. But there are a few other events taking place on Labor Day that might not be on the national radar.

CarolinaFest 2012, the Queen City's annual Labor Day celebration will be taking place in Uptown to honor the contributions of America's workers with an all day festival of parades, food, art and music, featuring James Taylor. Check out the link above for schedules and venues.

It is against this backdrop that Charlotte's LGBT community will be turning out to call for the repeal of the anti-gay Amendment One, which bigoted North Carolinians gleefully passed in May, cementing homophobia in the state constitution by not only banning marriage equality, but endangering benefits for LGBT workers and their families.

Look, you've probably got the day off anyway, so take some time to stand up for your rights and show the bigots who run this state that we will not stop until all Americans enjoy equal protection under the law.

From the event's FaceBook Page:
Ok everyone!!! As this is a flash march, I wanted to wait until we got closer to the day. We will be marching on Monday, September 3rd at 2:00pm!! Go to this link for more information about CarolinaFest:
We will be meeting at Independence park at 1:00pm at the reflecting pool closest to the intersection of Hawthorne and 7th Street and start working our way into downtown at 2:00pm.
Parking in Independence Park will be very difficult so it is suggested you park in the Family Dollar parking lot (1332 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC) and walk to the park.
We will stay on one sidewalk/one side of the street. There will be no chanting, no yelling, no confrontation. If someone asks you what you're doing you tell them that you're marching against Amendment One. Beyond that, just don't respond. If you do start a confrontation with someone you will no longer be backed by the group and will be on your own. This means that we need to keep an eye on each other as well so that we can make sure that if a confrontation arises it was not started on our end. Once we are in downtown, we will disperse into the crowd. This is the safest way to make our statement clearly without risking arrest and/or violence.
Be sure to bring water with you and check on the weather to see about possible rain. You may need to bring an umbrella or poncho.
Before this date and time, take time to think about how you can be a visual representation of the harms of Amendment One. Remember, anyone who is not married is affected, including children and those who are victims of domestic violence. Make signs, shirts, wear black veils, paint your face/body. Anything that will make sure that no one even has to ask what we're doing because we'll say it with our mere presence. If you aren't feeling the creative vibe, wear red and white to symbolize human rights and peace.
Thank you to everyone that has shown support for this! I can't wait to see you all on Labor Day and share our collective voices for repeal of this ignorant and incredibly harmful amendment!!!!

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