Thursday, September 6, 2012

"In The Life" profiles Truth Wins Out's exposure of Marcus Bachmann's Ex-gay Clinic (video)

This week I received an email from Truth Wins Out, the group headed by Wayne Besen, that focuses on exposing groups like Exodus International, who engage in fraudulent and psychologically damaging ex-gay therapy.

Last year, TWO's John Becker, who subjected himself to conversion therapy early in his young life, went undercover to expose the Bachmann Clinic, owned and operated by Marcus Bachmann, and his wife, failed presidential candidate and teabagger queen, Michele Bachmann. The couple had repeatedly denied engaging in such therapy. Becker documented what he experienced and exposed their lies.

Becker writes, "The PBS show In the Life is a monthly newsmagazine that exposes social injustice by chronicling the lives and experiences of LGBT people. An institution in our community, it’s the longest-running LGBT television program in history. And this month, as part of a show dedicated to the discussion of LGBT issues in the Midwest, it’s airing a segment that focuses on Truth Wins Out and the dangerous “ex-gay” industry, using my personal journey and my experience going undercover for TWO in the Bachmann clinic last year as a springboard from which to tell the story."

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