Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Celebretard News: Kim K's Divorce Spurs Marriage Equality Activists. Really??!!

Kim Kardashian attending Maxim's 10th Annual H...Is this the best we can do? Really??It must really be a slow news cycle when all anybody can talk about is Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage to some dumb jock who was stupid enough to even date her. People like this should be euthanized for their own good. I can honestly say that I have never watched an episode of any of the shows "reality" shows launched by any of Hollywood's trashiest family since the Lohans. In fact, I can't believe I'm actually using the K word on my site, but there is a method to my madness this morning.

For those like me who try really hard to ignore everything on E!, except Chelsea Handler and The Fashion Police, it's been nearly impossible not to hear about the news of Kim's divorce from that tall sports guy who looks like that shirtless Twightlight guy. The marriage lasted only a week longer than it took to slap together some wedding footage for a TV special, which reportedly made the big-butted diva a cool $17.9 million.

Kim's statement to the press said, in part, “After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage." In this case "careful consideration" means "the check cleared and I wanna go shopping".

The twits on Twitter have been having a field day with hashtags like #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage. Some of the more clever tweets (if there is such a thing) are:
  • "my commute to work" 
  • "her last name"
  • "a college semester"
  • "the life of my bb battery"
If you want to talk about short marriages, Kim K doesn't even come close to breaking Britney Spears' record-setting lost weekend marriage to Jason Alexander (not the Seinfeld guy), which lasted a total of 55 hours. A simple trip to the Las Vegas courthouse would uncover thousands of similar drunken "I do's" taking place every year and all of them are perfectly legal.

I think what's really sad is that this non-event is being used by Marriage Equality activists to make a point about the so-called "sanctity of marriage". Kathy Griffin twatted, “Ugh! Gay couples like Kim K & Kris H ruining the sanctity of marriage is the problem w the radical homosexual agend – oh wait, oops :)”

AmericaBlog's John Aravosis adds, “Kim Kardashian earned $17,900,000 from her wedding and divorced 72 days later (but gays ruin the sanctity of marriage).”

Do I really have to point out that using this fame whore's divorce to bolster the marriage equality movement is  scraping the bottom of the barrel? As if there aren't enough examples in history of the way breeders abuse the marital system. There have always been notable people who became famous for actually doing stuff who should have qualified for frequent flyer miles for the number of trips the took down the aisle. Elizabeth Taylor had eight marriages and divorces, but we liked her, so we understood. King Henry VIII had six wives, a few of whom actually lived to talk about it. They mostly talked to themselves, because they were either locked up in a tower or spirited away to a cloistered nunnery somewhere.

In fact, if you want to find examples of marriage abuse, look no further than your own family tree. Half of all marriages end in divorce, so the chances are pretty good that either you, your parents, your siblings, your aunts or uncles or even your own kids are, or will be, divorced. And the odds are that they're all heterosexual. If you ask any of them, they'll say they married for love, not for money or fame or because they wanted to have kids, get a green card or to seal a political alliance between feuding nations.

There are plenty of reasons why banning same-sex marriage is immoral, unAmerican and unconstitutional. We don't have to use fame whores to prove our case. Doing so only cheapens and trivializes our cause and does nothing to convince homophobes that they are wrong about us.

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