Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Updates on the fly...

Okay gays and gals, I am soooo sorry that I have not been doing a better job with the updates. Those of you that have stuck by me through all of this craziness with the move and everything are the best ever!

My schedule is so crazy lately. I'm up at 5 am every morning and out the door by 6, so I can get to work for training, which starts at 7. Still not internet service at home, so i'm taking advantage of every free wi-fi hotspot I can find, provided I'm not too exhausted after work.

I'm in training for my new job in a call center, where I'll be fielding calls for a Medicare Advantage plan during Open Enrollment this fall. They've really rushed us through our preliminary training and licensing exams. I've passed my state exam for Health, Accident and Life and am now licensed to sell those policies in NC. My group was supposed to receive training on Medicare before that state exam, but we were thrown into product training for the Medicare Advantage plan we'll be selling. The state exam study is to be done on our own time. Fortunately, they have made some trainers available to lead study groups and reviews.

I've passed the first pre-test for Medicare and have another exam to take before taking the state Medicare Exam. I haven't been scheduled for the state exam yet, but I should know the date in the next few days.

Once I'm licensed and finish product training I can get on the phones and start earning commissions, which you can't do without a licence.

Wish me luck!

The Rev

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