Monday, November 23, 2009

Comedy and Drama in Southwestern Va.: Going green can be a bitch

Not much time for today's post. Have to head out to the airport to rescue my stranded cousin, comic Mike Trainor. Mike was on his way to a gig at Roanoke College, when his Prius broke down in Christiansburg, about 20 miles short of his destination. He was rescued by a crack team of college students with valid driver's licenses, who got him to his gig. The show must go on.

The problem is that his car sat for the remainder of the weekend at a dealership.

Mike and his traveling companion, another comic (yet to be identified) rented a car to head to Charlotte, NC for another gig on Sunday. He's now headed back to the Roanoke airport, where he'll return the rental and we'll take him back to C'burg to check on his car. Depending on the stauts of the hybrid, we may have a house guest tonight. We don't mind. It forced us to clean the house up a bit, which really needed it.

Visit Mikes web page here for his comedy tour schedule and video highlights from his regular appearances on TruTV's "Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest".

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