Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Goofiness Reigns Supreme as Sarah Palin Hits the Star City (video)

In a surreal demonstration of devotion to the the latest savior of the Republican Party, hundreds of Roanokers camped out overnight last weekend to meet Sarah Palin at the Valley View Mall's Barnes and Noble. Star City Harbinger's Andrew Williams was on hand to capture it all on video. Here's an interview with Palin Man, who traveled from Ohio, where he also had a book signed by the wolf-huntin', moose burger-eatin', abstinence-only baby-granny.

Now that Mini Graceland is no longer the place to be seen in the Roanoke Valley, there's just not much else to do around these parts. People like this are what keeps Virginia living in the Dark Ages.You Betcha!

Read the full story at Star City Harbinger.

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