Friday, November 13, 2009

Cool Site of the Week: Bearotic

If you like your men a little more on the natural side, check out, a site featuring "entertainment for bears and the furry at heart". We like to think of the LGBT community as diverse, but we see ourselves represented by the same gym-bunny images everywhere we look. Bearotic will have none of that.

The "about" link on the site says, "Bearotic was created by a couple of media-hungry bears who wanted to build an all-inclusive, light-hearted and low-stress place to share what’s fun, amusing and even hawt. We love finding things in this big, beary world to to present to you."

The site features entertainment news, videos and all the latest Bear Run info from around the world. It's not a hook-up or porn site, so if you enjoy manly men, but don't like the game-playing and BS, you've got somewhere to go to celebrate bear culture.

This is the site where I discovered my fave web comic, "Viking Zombie Boyfriend". So if, like me, you prefer Sean Connery over Daniel Craig and Commander Ryker over Capt. Kirk and if Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld's David Puddy) makes you feel all warm and fuzzy in your special place, then you'll love Bearotic.
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