Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't Get Rolled Again! Boycott 2010 White House Easter Egg Roll

The White House has announced plans for this year's annual Easter Egg Roll. The theme this year, chosen by First Lady Michelle Obama,  is "Ready, Set, Go!"

Last year the White House made a point of inviting LGBT families to participate and is doing the same this year. Last year the move was seen as a sign of hope for many of us who believed in the message of change.

The past year has been a huge disappointment for many of us who had such high hopes for this president after so many decades of having our needs ignored, our trust betrayed and our humanity diminished by past presidents. LGBT people supported president Obama and the democrats like never before in the '08 elections and have been rewarded with a smattering of crumbs judiciously scattered at well-chosen, photo-op moments. The sycophantic folks of Gay, Inc., who claim to represent our interests in DC, scramble to their black tie events, posing like best buds with politicians who don't even know their names.

Tickets to the Easter Egg Roll are distributed by a lottery system. Results will be announced on Thursday, March 4th. Not surprisingly, supply of tickets have been given to, you guessed it, Family Equality Council, Human Rights Campaign and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. The White house is encouraging the groups to invite their members. Last year over 100 gay and lesbian families took part in the event.

This year, we should send a message to the president that we will not be cast as bit players in his latest public relations production. We will not play the roll of token homosexual and smile for the cameras while the President stalls and plays games with our rights. We'll either stay home or take to the streets to demand less posturing and more action from our "fierce advocate". A lot of parents will say it's a great opportunity for their kids to go to the White House. It's a moment their kids will never forget. But it's a much better opportunity to teach your kids an important life lesson about standing up for what is right.

Don't get rolled again this Easter. Boycott the White House Easter Egg Roll!

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  1. Many fall into this..."well....he's trying to help us" .. mental state. Many still say.." let's just be patient and wait and see" which I say... dah !! Perhaps if the GLBT people who get to go ...go proudly and hold their signs for Equality high instead of looking for Easter eggs in the garden...hello..?


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