Monday, February 22, 2010

Sshh! Saturday Feb. 27th is Same-Sex Hand-Holding Day (Video)

Calling on all readers, members of Roanoke Equality, Equality Virginia and any other LGBT people and allies, this is an easy one! I know we're all busy and can't always get to the meetings, but if you want to show your pride and take part in a direct action that doesn''t require much of your time or effort, this is right up your ally. All you have to do is get over your aversion to public displays of affection.

Saturday, February 27th is Same-Sex Hand-Holding Day (SSHH!) All you have to do is be in public with someone of the same gender that you care about and hold his/her hand, take a picture and send it to "A Day in Hand". That's it. No signs, no chanting, no getting arrested. Just a simple PDA to bring attention to the fact that we're here and we're queer.

Project founder, David Watkins says, "Holding hands with your partner, where you can, is about being true to yourself and to those you love. This is not a protest, a rally, a Pride or a march. This is about you and the life you lead every day."

What we've learned in the last 40+ years since Stonewall is that the more visible we are the greater acceptance we have from the general public.

The group reports to already have pics from some very prominent (okay, mostly British) LGBT people, including:
Stephen Fry - Literary God (pictured)
Sandi Toksvig - Comedy Goddess
Cleve Jones - Harvey Milks right hand man
Boris Johnson - London Mayor
Ken Livingston - Ex-London Mayor
Peter Tatchel - A Grade Activist
4 Poofs and a Piano - BBC 1 band
John Snow - Broadcaster
Michael Cashman - Minister of European Parliament
Ben Bradshaw - Politician

For more info, the

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