Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teabaggers Cheer Tancredo's Call for Return to Racist Literacy Testing (video)

Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo addressed the Tea Party Convention over the weekend and called for a return to the racist practice of literacy testing for voter registration, the same practice that was used to deny African-Americans the right to vote for seventy years until the passage of the Voting Rights Acts in 1965. Even more appalling than Tancredo's words were the cheers that greeted them from the throngs of teabaggers in the convention hall.

Sarah Palin, who would never be able to pass such a test, also addressed the convention saying that the GOP should absorb the Tea Party platform, calling the movement "the future of politics". Do these people ever listen to themselves?

Rachel Maddow put together an excellent segment about all this for her show last night.

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