Thursday, September 24, 2009

Video: Who knew high school as so Gay?

It's the gayest show on TV and you won't find it on Logo, Bravo, Lifetime or even the Style Network.

TV shows about high school life are nothing new. In the 70's "Welcome Back Kotter" launched the career of JohnTravolta, In the 80's "Saved By the Bell" launched the careers of everyone but that Screech guy.

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" kicked some vamp ass in the 90's at Sunnydale High and gave us Sarah Michelle Geller, David Boreanaz ("Bones") and "How I met Your Mom" star, Alison Hannigan.   .

The genre has been done to death, but the networks keep going back to it with a newer, hipper spin. You can have your "90210" and your "Gossip Girl". For me it's all about "Glee", where the stars are the nerdy kids just trying to survive the day without getting stuffed into a locker. It's kind of what I went through except for the over the top musical numbers.

Yes, the "High School Musical" franchise refuses to die and I will make it a point to miss the remake of "Fame" because the original was just too good (the movie, not the TV show turned touring stage show).

So why do I love, love, LOVE the new Fox show, "Glee"? You tell me:

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