Sunday, September 13, 2009

National Equality March holding conference call for local organizers

I received this email last night from National Equality March organizers:

To All Activists and Organizers for the National Equality March, With only one month left til the National Equality March, it's time to activate our organizing selves - and each other - even further and help mobilize as many folks as possible across the country!

Everyone on this list is either already organizing locally or has expressed interest in doing so. I'd like to invite you to join me and Sherry Wolf, a fellow organizer with the National Equality March (and by fellow organizer I mean rockstar, incredible organizer!) this Saturday, Sept. 19th for a conference call with grassroots activists across the country.

We will discuss how to become involved locally, create more visibility and awareness of the March; how to step up our organizing and motivate more members of our communities to get to DC; and last but not least, present a clear plan of action for the coming month's home stretch. We'd also love to hear and discuss any ideas, concerns, questions and feedback any of you might have.

If you do have any questions about the March or local organizing we can address, please reply to this email or write Sherry Wolf at The call will take place on Saturday, Sept. 19th at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST To RSVP for the call, please go here:

In the meantime: Visit the website! It has a wealth of information about the march, organizing, that weekend, and answers to many other questions. Send an email to us or a local organizer shown on our map if you'd like to get more involved and aren't sure how! Download and print flyers to spread the word of the March in your hometown, community, or campus here: With 28 days left till October 11th, every day and every volunteer is invaluable! I look forward to speaking with all of you on Saturday and making this vision a reality next month.

Talk to you soon, Seth

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