Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ellen to replace Paula on American Idol

Ellen DeGeneres has announced on her show that she will be replacing Abdul as the fourth judge starting next season. The out comedian will not be leaving her highly popular daytime talk show, but will be doing both gigs.

Much has been made this summer about Paula Abdul's departure from American Idol. Over the years the pop diva turned cougar was always fun to watch, mostly due to her slurred and often barely coherent speech. Personally, I always found it odd that someone who would never have made it past the first round was hired to judge other people's vocal talent.

For her part, you can catch Paula guesting as a trial judge on the next episode on Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva", a show about a spoiled skinny girl who dies and comes back in the body of an overweight attorney, with all her memories intact and a hunky guardian angel. Comedian Margaret Cho has a recurring role on the show as the loyal and sarcastic secretary.

Watch the video of Ellen's announcement below.

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