Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AZ LGBT Activists Arrested at DADT Protest in John McCain's Office (video)

Five LGBT activists from the Phoenix, AZ group Human and Equal Rights Organizers (H.E.R.O.) followed in the footsteps of GetEqual on Monday and staged a sit in at the Phoenix offices of Sen. John McCian. The group called on the mavericky old dude to stand by his 2006 statement where he said he would follow the recommendation of military leaders regarding repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT). McCain has since reversed his position on repeal saying the current system is "working just fine."

The protesters told McCain's staff and local police that they refused to leave until Sen. McCain spoke to them  personally, which did not happen. The activists were arrested and as this video shows, the protest was peaceful, with all parties behaving in a respectful manner.

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  1. Having lived in Phoenix for 8 or 10 years...I can tell you that I have also protested in front of McCains office...sometimes with hundreds of others carrying signs and bullhorns.He never would meet with us. He is concerned with one thing...and it's not morality or honor or what is right and just....it is getting re-elected. He actively concentrates on enlarging any rift already present between GLBT people and the right wing in that mission.His wife and daughter oppose his discriminatory positions...to no avail...he is an angry(documented by other Senators..) X-POW with unacknowledged, unresolved anger management issues. Thank-you for your sacrifices John...but please get some help and stop causing us harm.


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