Thursday, April 22, 2010

GetEqual Strikes Again, Interrupts House Committee Meeting (Video)

After heckling president Obama on Monday night during a speech at a fundraiser in LA, followed by several of its members, led by Lt. Dan Choi, chaining themselves to the White House fence on Tuesday, LGBT activists from GetEqual interrupted a Health Education and Labor Committee meeting in Washington on Wednesday challenging Chairman Miller to stop delaying the vote on ENDA.

The group was escorted out of the room by gay congressman Jared Polis. GetEqual founder Robin McGehee continues the confrontation in the hallway, challenging Polis to push to move the legislation through the committee for a full vote. Listen for the young woman asking Polis, "Can you pay attention?"

The sticking point with this version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is the inclusion of gender expression and identity as protected classes. GetEqual's Autumn Sandeen had this to say about the subject earlier this week:
"If you're gay, lesbian, or bisexual, would you sacrifice for your trans neighbors and siblings? If you're trans, would you sacrifice for your gay, lesbian, or bisexual neighbors and siblings? It's something worth knowing about yourself and those around you."
--Autumn Sandeen, 4/19/2010, the night before GetEQUAL's DADT repeal protest at the White House

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  1. These are acts of courage...let there be no mistake. The "T" in GLBT is not silent and should never be considered expendable.. or as not an integral, vital part of our diverse rainbow community. It's all or nothing....we will not leave people behind.


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