Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gov. McDonnell Implements Literacy Test to Restore Voting Rights to Offenders (video)

How do you make non-violent offenders into violent offenders? Make them take an unconstitutional literacy test to get their voting rights restored.

Wow! Every other day we get some new insight into the deeply dark and disturbed mind of Virginia's governor Bob McDonnell. We knew going into this that he was a bigoted, far right wing extremist in moderate clothing, but now that he's in office for a few months, McDonnell makes Sarah Palin look like Barbra Streisand.

On the heals of his proclamation making April Confederate History month and pissing off African-Americans throughout the commonwealth and the nation, this week Grand Wizard Governor McDonnell proposed that ex-convicts who wanted their voting rights restored should have to write an essay about their contributions to society and include it with their applications. The governor, when asked about this development, denied instituting the policy. The problem is, hundreds of applicants have already been informed of the new policy by mail recently, to the (alleged) complete surprise to the governor, who says the policy was still in the "draft process". Rachel Maddow, as usual, had a field day with this story on her Wednesday night show.

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