Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random thoughts of the day... Update on the move, Sarah Palin sucks, Torchwood: Miracle Day (video)

Now that's random!
It's a gorgeous morning here at Morning Wood Acres. Makes me wish I had the day off.

Still working on the big move to North Carolina. The new place is taking shape. We've transplanted dozens of roses, hostas, ferns, day lilies and assorted other plants from our gardens to the new place. Still searching for a job in the Charlotte area and have spoken with a Realtor about listing our little slice of heaven.

Every time I hear Sarah Palin say the word America, it's like she's talking about some place she's never been.

From UrbanDictionary.com:
Random: The latest buzzword used amongst mindless teenagers as a way of showing just how utterly irreverent their predictable sense of humour is. Particularly dominant among English teens and University students, the word "random" or the act of being "random" is a desperate plea for others to recognise how totally against the grain of the norm you are and that you're really crazy and out there. Trouble is, being "random" is predictable, boring, moronic and extremely sad indeed.

We finally have a preview clip of the new season of "Torchwood: Miracle Day", the British sci-fi series spun off from the long-running Dr. Who series. Out singer/dancer/actor/heartthrob John Barrowman is back as the dashing Capt. Jack and Eve Myles returns as the last surviving member of the super-secret team from the UK that hunts down dangerous aliens and saves the world again and again and again.

On the plus side, this season takes place in the states and costars Bill Pullman (Independence Day) and Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under)A really big minus is that it's airing on Starz, the pay channel that nobody subscribes to on purpose. As I recall from my days working at Dish Network, Starz is usually included in a subscription bundle pack that includes HBO or Showtime. Torchwood used to air on basic cable channel BBC America. By striking this deal, series creator Russell T. Davies may have killed off the series in the states.

Enjoy the clip.

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  1. If you have Netflix and your connection is fast enough, you can watch Starz live via Netflix.

    You have to go to Netflix using internet explorer for it to work, though.


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