Monday, May 9, 2011

How to be Gay, Rule #1: If you're a teacher, don't post nude pics on CraigsList

Can we stop making stupid people martyrs already?

The San Francisco Chronicle reports via The Gate on the story of a San Diego teacher who posted an ad for sex on CraigsList along with explicit photos of his various body parts. But the part that got him fired was his face.
A teacher's private life can constitute grounds for dismissal if it demonstrates "indecency and moral indifference," said the Fourth District Court of Appeal in San Diego. The court issued the 3-0 ruling last month and published it Tuesday as a statewide precedent for future cases.
Lampedusa, 47, has worked for the San Diego district since 1999 and at Farb Middle School since 2004, where he has also handled disciplinary cases as the school's dean of students. He has continued to teach while the district appealed his case.
The court said an anonymous caller who described himself as the father of a Farb student told a police dispatcher in June 2008 about Lampedusa's ad on Craigslist.
It solicited oral and anal sex, in graphic terms, and included photos of Lampedusa's face and private parts, the court said. The ad did not contain his name or contact information, which could be obtained only through Craigslist. Users of the Website were required to state that they were at least 18.
Lampedusa removed the ad two days later at the request of the school superintendent, who had been contacted by police. He was fired in November 2008.
Testifying to the state Commission on Professional Competence, where he appealed his firing, Lampedusa said he had posted five or six such ads in the past, considered them adult and private and did not believe they were immoral. He said he assumed students would follow the Craigslist directions to stay off the website and that parents would monitor their children's Internet usage.
I don't know what part of this story I find the most ridiculous, the idea that the LGBT community is up in arms defending this idiot, the part about parents monitoring their kids internet activity or the "assumption" that kids would stay away from adult sites, which is the modern day equivalent of finding your dad's stash of Playgirls back in the day.

I don't care if a teacher, the cable guy or Barack Obama himself posts an ad for sex on CraigsList or anywhere else. It's a free country. But anyone who works with kids knows better than to do something so incredibly stupid as to post a picture of their face for every Tom, Dick and Hairy Down Low Daddy to see. Any idiot knows you email the face pic later... or so I'm told.

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