Thursday, May 5, 2011

Queerty is back from the dead

After being dead and buried for a couple of weeks, the LGBT mega-blog Queerty rose from the ashes this week to resume it's daily duties as the arbiter of news, info-tainment and snark. The site has been purchased lock, stock and barrel by GayCities, the LGBT entertainment site that helps you search for queer news and events in over 200 cities worldwide. (FYI, when I searched for Roanoke, the most recent listing was from 2009.)

In it's premier post on Tuesday, new editor, Chris Bull writes, "Here at GayCities HQ in San Francisco, we follow blogs religiously. There are many fine ones. But one consistently stands out, sparking the most water-cooler (if we could afford one) conversation: the one and only Queerty. Whether the topic is an originally reported article about a gay teen hoping to attend the prom, a critique of a pompous leader or organization or a laugh out-loud-post about the latest gay Internet sensation, Queerty’s talented stable of writers and editors managed to be lacerating, serious and hilarious, often within the same post. Even when it failed to live up to its own standards, it was never boring, not least because the Queerty community would light up with criticism."

GayCities has retained many of Queerty's staff writers and has added a few newbies. From what I've seen so far, the tone and humor of the site remains the same. Here's wishing them good luck. Welcome back, guys!
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