Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Lesley Gore! (Music video)

Lesley Gore promotional shot from television a...Image via WikipediaThree decades before the Spice Girls made "girl power" the catch phrase of the 90's, there was a pretty, petite teenager named Lesley Gore, who inspired young girls in the early 60's to think for themselves and to value themselves as more than just an accessory.

Produced by music legend Quincy Jones, "You Don't Own Me" sold one million copies, earning the 17-year-old a gold record and the #2 spot on the Billboard charts for four weeks, behind the Beatles #1 hit "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" in 1964.

Gore also appeared on TV in several guest starring roles, including two spots on the "Batman" series, as Catwoman's minion, Pussycat, performing her final hit, "California Nights"

In 2004, Gore served as host of the PBS monthly LGBT news magazine,  "In The Life". She officially came out in 2005 and returned to the recording studio.

According to Wikipedia, Lesley Gore now lives in Manhattan with her partner of 28 years.

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