Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Activists Will March in Moscow Despite Pride Ban

As pride season kicks off around the world, Moscow city officials have once again denied applications to hold Pride events in the Russian capital. In previous years, Pride marches have been raided and broken up violently by police in riot gear.

British LGBT Rights activist Peter Tatchell has announced that he will be joining Russian activists in marching in the streets on Moscow anyway in a show of support. "I will be marching in solidarity with Russia's courageous lesbian and gay human rights campaigners. This ban must be challenged. It is an attack on civil liberties, which threatens the rights and freedoms of every Russian person."

Tachell adds that this time, the world will be watching. "I have written to the British Ambassador to Moscow, requesting that the Embassy send observers to the Moscow Gay Pride news conference on 27 May and to the Pride parade on 28 May. James Ford at the British Embassy in Moscow has advised me that they will be sending observers on Saturday, which is a much appreciated gesture."

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