Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Marriage Equality Supporter Hochul Wins GOP Congressional Seat in NY

In what some are calling a Democratic Smack-down of the GOP's proposed Medicare overhaul, Kathy Hochul won Tuesday's special congressional election 47% to 43% against Jane Corwin. Teabagger fave Jack Davis walked away with a lovely parting gift of just 9% of the vote.

The Traditionally Republican seat was vacated in February by former Congressman Chris Lee after his shirtless photo and CraigsList ad were made public.

Hochul has publicly come out in favor of marriage equality and supports the repeal of DADT. According to Metro Weekly's Poliglot, Hochul responded to a survey question about the two hot-button issues recently, saying, "I don’t think the federal government should involve itself on issues of who can marry whom, that needs to be determined by the states. I believe everyone should be afforded equal rights under federal law. I do support the civil institution of marriage for gay couples, with absolutely no requirements placed on religious institutions.  Gay men and women, who want to fight to defend our freedom, should be allowed to serve openly in the U.S. military."
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