Friday, May 27, 2011

New HRC Poll: Majority of Christians Support LGBT Equality, Oppose DOMA

In my experience over the years, if you can get Christians away from the influence of their bigoted preachers for five minutes and talk to them alone, it's often possible to discuss LGBT rights rationally. The faithful that I've talked to believe that treating all people fairly and equally under the law is a Christian virtue. A new poll just released by HRC this week backs this up.

An overwhelming majority favor laws protecting LGBT Americans from discrimination in Housing, employment and public accommodations, as well as anti-bullying legislation to protect our kids in school.

According to the survey, 86% of Christians believe in full equality because of their faith and 70% believe that when religious leaders talk smack about LGBT people, it does more harm than good. Read the full results here. (Click the image to see it bigger.)

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