Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Georgia Gay Teens Attend Prom Amid Cheers of Support

Derrick Martin arrived at his prom Saturday night with his date on his arm and a smile on his face like so many other teens at so many other proms this year. The difference was that Derrick's date was his boyfriend, Richard Goodman. Unlike what happened a few weeks ago in Mississippi to Constance McMillen, this was not a fake prom, there was no scheming or lying, only cheers of support from parents and classmates.

Couples began arriving at about 7:45 pm to find tight security provided by about 15 officers around the grounds of Bleckley County High School.

Macon.com reports:
When Martin, 18, and his boyfriend Richard Goodman, also 18, stepped onto a makeshift “red carpet” and their names were announced, a few parents whispered but many in the crowd gave him a loud cheer. No one yelled out in protest.

“I wonder if they realize what they’ve done,” said Arturro Beeche, a San Francisco professor who flew into Georgia on Friday and drove Martin and Goodman to the prom. “Once it happens in small-town America, it will inspire so many,” he said.
In a sad twist, although Derrick won the right to attend the prom with his date, his parents threw him out of his home due to all the press attention.
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