Saturday, January 22, 2011

And now for the big announcement...

I week or so ago I hinted at some fairly big changes that would be coming up for us here at Morning Wood Acres. I've been trying to come up with the right words and the right time to write something about it. So without further ado, here goes. Paul and I (Paul and me?) are going to be moving to Gastonia, NC (next to  Charlotte) in the next few months to be closer to his folks. I know, I'm a little shocked myself to be writing these words.

Here's the deal. Several factors that I can't get into here have come into play over the last few years that have made this move necessary. In addition, Paul's folks are getting on in years and since he is an only child, we both feel that we should be closer to them in their sunset years. The house next door to them has become available at a fraction of what it's worth, due to foreclosure. The closing is next month.

We still have to work out several details, like fixing up and selling our current home, finding a caring home for our five ducks and getting my transfer approved at work. The actual move is still months away. We're very excited about this new chapter in our lives, but will miss it here at Morning Wood Acres. We will not miss getting snowed in without power for days on end, but it is very beautiful in the Spring and Summer months when the trees are full and the gardens are in bloom. In time the new place will be just as gorgeous, courtesy of Paul's green thumb. It's a trait he shares with his mom and being able to putter in the garden together will do them both a world of good.

As for this here blog thingy, it will continue, so this is not really goodbye. I may tweak the site a bit here and there, but the content will still be essentially the same or, hopefully, better.

I'm looking forward to becoming part to the Charlotte LGBT community. I have made some great connections there already via FaceBook and looking forward to meeting some of those people in person. There is so much activism going on there, even though North Carolina is not any better than Virginia  from a political standpoint, for its queer citizens.

I have lived in the Roanoke area for almost seventeen years and have made some great friends. Over the last couple of years, I've become more involved in the LGBT community as an activist and blogger and have gotten to take part in some really great activities. I'm going to miss you all, but I know we'll stay in touch here through your comments and via FaceBook. More news as things progress.


  1. Sometimes I wonder "How many times a day can this kid post." Of course when I dont see any post, I Miss you. This is a big step and a gutsy one. Wish you the best. I may have to get down to Charlotte one of these days. I used to know a nice french restaurant there.

  2. Thanks, Cuz!

    We'll have a lot more room, so please let me know if you get down to Charlotte. I do a lot of posting on FB, but a usually do about 2-3 posts a day here on the blog. And thanks for calling me a kid. At 51 I don't here that much.


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