Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Morning Randomness: Dissecting Minutiae, Snooki's Book, Sarah Quits (Again!), Dawson's DILF (comedy video)

Here we go again gays and gals! It's another one of those days when there is really not a whole lot to talk about, but I'll do my best.

There is a winter weather advisory in effect for the region. Not much in the way of snow at this point, but freezing drizzle has me wondering if it's safe to attempt the trip down the mountain to get to work. Haven't decided what to do yet.

The tragedy in Tuscon is still dominating the news, but there isn't really anything new to the story. The left is attacking the right for it's rhetoric of violence. The right insists there is no connection. Blah, blah, blah. The only thing left to do is hope for the speedy recovery of those injured, give the families of those who were lost the time and space to grieve and let the justice system take its course. Dissecting and redissecting the story for new angles isn't really my thing. I'll leave that to the cable news junkies and the more sensationalist bloggers.

From the "Why is this news?" department, Snooki wrote a book. Actually, the orange, pint-sized, reality show fame whore signed a book deal where the publisher sent a staff writer to spend time with her and managed to get enough coherent material between Happy Hours to write the book for her. It's a fictional account of a slutty young girl with a dream, who goes to the beach and spends the summer getting drunk, banging her housemates, instigating an endless stream of bar fights and Last Call hookups. It's sure to be a modern classic. I can't wait for the movie.

I only mention this next bit because I find it so thoroughly disgusting that our political system has been reduced to this. Half-term former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, who thankfully blew it for John McCain's '08 presidential bid, will not be returning for a second season of her reality show.

Try to follow along for this one, because it truly boggles the mind. By most accounts, John McCain spent exactly 15 minutes reviewing Palin's record before picking her as his VP running mate, even though she had only been in office for a little over a year. She went all "mavericky" and never stayed on script, conducted herself as if she, not McCain, was running for Prez, lost the election for him and quit her governor job in the middle of an ethics investigation in order to pursue a lucrative book deal, a job with Fox "News" and a reality show.

The announcement comes this morning that the Village Idiot from Wasila's "Watch Me Shoot at Stuff" show will not be renewed because she wants to run for president and the TLC network is concerned about the equal time issue.

ADHD is annoying enough when when it happens at home with your kids or on the job with the coworker that people pretend to like, but really hate. Do we really have to go through another election cycle with this idiot and her train wreck of a family? Do we really have to endure another two years of the sweaty, unwashed masses of Tea Baggers and their insane rantings about how they want their country back? I thought lobotomies were supposed to calm people down and make them more docile, not be a prerequisite for a so-called grass roots political movement.

For the record, TLC used to stand for The Learning Channel. The oxymoronic implications are enough to make your head explode.

As long as we're being random today, here's a video from "Funny or Die" starring James Van Der Beek for "DILF Khakis". I have to admit that I never watched a single episode of "Dawson's Creek", or even the gay porn parody it inspired called "Dawson's Crack", but I have to say, "Damn, he grew up cute!" Check out his new website "James Van Der Memes" for more self-produced comedy videos.

Have a great day and remember that the best way to avoid getting sucked into all the insanity around you is to point your finger at it, laugh hysterically and encourage others to do the same. 

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