Monday, January 3, 2011

Navy Captain Under Investigation for Sexist, Homophobic Video (full video)

It looks like the USS Enterprise will begin her next deployment without her captain. No, this is not a Star Trek reference. Norfolk's Virginian-Pilot newspaper broke the story over the weekend about a raunchy video starring Capt. Owen Honors that features a simulation of woman showering together, references to bestiality and a constant stream of homophobic slurs.
In one scene, two female Navy sailors stand in a shower stall aboard the aircraft carrier, pretending to wash each other. They joke about how they should get six minutes under the water instead of the mandated three.

In other skits, sailors parade in drag, use anti-gay slurs, and simulate masturbation and a rectal exam. Another scene implies that an officer is having sex in his stateroom with a donkey.

They're all part of a series of short movies produced aboard the Norfolk-based aircraft carrier Enterprise in 2006 and 2007 and broadcast to its nearly 6,000 sailors and Marines. The man who masterminded and starred in them is Capt. Owen Honors - now the commander of the carrier, which is weeks away from deploying.

The videos, obtained by The Virginian-Pilot this week, were shot and edited with government equipment, many of them while the Enterprise was deployed supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
And John McCain says we're the ones who are bad for unit morale and combat readiness? Following is the offending video, with editing by The Virginian-Pilot. In the opening sequence, Honors plays all three parts. He wastes no time throwing around the word "faggot":

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  1. ...everyone's taxes at I thought I was watching some sort of sick raunchy teenage home video...or Animal House or Jackass:The Movie. One can only wonder,from this video experiment, what(really) goes on below deck on such a massive,expensive tool of deterance and intimadation. Whether true to life and reality aboard this ship(which cost some 500 million back in 1960,then recently had a 650 million overhall to end her service in 2013)or portrays the wrong messages and doesn't quite give us a good feeling that this massive 8-reactor vessel is in responsible,diligent hands. Quite the opposite.


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