Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dan Savage Threatens to Change Meaning of Santorum's First Name Too (Comedy Video)

Some day Santorum will learn not to fuck with the gays.
Life is about to get a lot frothier for Rick Santorum if he doesn't lay off the gays.

Columnist and It Gets Better founder Dan Savage, who redefined the word "Santorum" to mean, “the frothy mixture of feces and lube that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex,” creating an enormous Google problem for the bigoted presidential hopeful and former U.S. senator, and anyone else who has ever, or will ever, share his last name.

In response to Santorum's promise to reverse same-sex marriages in New York, Savage warns the GOP homophobe that he will also change the meaning of the name "Rick" and he's already got the new definition prepared. Celebrities Rick Dees, Rikki Lake and Andy Richter join Savage in this video from Funny or Die,  pleading with Senator Frothy Mix to back off the gays.

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