Friday, July 22, 2011

NYC says "Screw the lottery, we'll marry all the gays!"

Marriage Equality takes effect this Sunday at 12:00 am and couples from all over the Empire State have flooded clerks offices with requests for marriage licenses To handle the massive demand, state officials created a lottery system.

The Advocate reports that officials decided Thursday that they can handle the the demand in an orderly fashion without the lottery and will allow all applicants to jump the broom on opening day.
Some 823 couples entered the lottery to win one of 764 available spaces in New York City on Sunday, when the new marriage equality law takes effect, and the Big Apple plans to marry all of them.
City officials said Thursday evening that Manhattan saw the highest demand, with 533 entries for 400 available slots. All applicants to clerk’s offices in the other four boroughs received a slot in the location they requested. Applicants could only apply to one borough. The lottery opened on Tuesday at noon and closed on Thursday at noon.
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