Saturday, May 9, 2009

Adsense Account is up! Woo Hoo!

Finally got the Adsense account up and running which, with any luck, will help to pay the bills. So please click on an ad now and then. Consider it a donation to the cause that you don't actually have to pay.

The way Google Ads work is that you give them certain key words like Travel, Shopping, Vacation and so forth, when you set up the account and they find ads that fit. But it also scans the blog for common themes and finds ads related your subject matter. Since I've been writing a lot about marriage equality, they put in some ads about finding a preacher to perform a wedding in Virginia, where they've amended the constitution to ban same-sex marriage. It sucks in an ironic kind of way. (Don't click on those ads.)

So I started thinking. Maybe if I insert certain words repeatedly throughout my postings like "dick", they'll come up with dick-related ads. So I think I'll (dick) put that theory (dick) to the (dick) test.

What do you think? If there (dick) are certain (dick) ads you'd like (dick) to see on my (dick) blog, post a comment (dick) and let me (dick) know.

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