Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Viking Zombie Boyfriend", by Jeremy Rizza, 12-01-09

Rorik just loves his new job and his new coworker. As usual, he shares just a little too much about his life.

Today's post includes a message from VZB creator, Jeremy Rizza.

"Here’s the latest news: Paco up there is the strip’s newest supporting character! He’s a painfully shy young bear who hasn’t spent much time around other gay dudes.  That’s going to change.  He’s kind of a loner right now, and he mainly hangs out with his sister.  She’s a beautician who does fun things to his hair.

In other news: Supercool dude Yannick Laisne translated my strips into French! How amazingly wonderful is that?" 

Posted with the permission of the artist. Visit vikingzombieboyfriend.com for past strips, character back stories and cool VZB merchandise. 

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