Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ca. Prop 8 Lawsuit will be Shown on YouTube

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The federal court challenge to California's Prop 8, scheduled to begin on Monday, January 11, will be shown on YouTube via taped delay. The groups challenging Prop 8 argued that what happens in the court is public property and should be aired live.

The homophobic defenders of H8 argued that live cameras in the courtroom might be intimidating to some witnesses, while others might use their camera time to grandstand. It's amazing how bigots always want to remain anonymous, like Klansmen hiding under their hoods.

In his ruling, Judge Vaughn Walker said, most of the witnesses will be campaign officials or academic experts accustomed to speaking in public.

"I've always thought that if the public could see how the judicial process works, they would take a somewhat different view of it," the judge said.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
"The lawsuit by two same-sex couples, a gay rights group and the city of San Francisco says the initiative violates the U.S. constitutional guarantee of equal protection by discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation and gender. The nonjury trial, the first in any U.S. court on same-sex marriage, begins Monday and is scheduled to last two to three weeks.
Walker's order, subject to final approval by the appeals court's chief judge, allows live video feeds to public areas of federal appeals courthouses in San Francisco, Pasadena, Seattle and Portland, Ore., and to a federal court in Chicago that has requested it.".
The link to the YouTube channel is here. There is nothing of interest being shown right now, but you can visit the USDCCAND Channel and bookmark it to keep up to date.

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