Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Viking Zombie Boyfriend, by Jeremy Rizza (1-19-10)

When you hang with a diverse crowd, there's always that one obnoxious guy that no one remembers who's friend he is or why you hang out with him, but you do anyway. That's Alexandru.

Jeremy writes:
One of the reasons I wanted to put Alexandru in VZB is my love of old-timey, folklore-type vampires.  Those dudes could pull off all kinds of tricks! Blighting crops, souring milk, invoking hailstorms... they could do it all! In practical terms, this means that people were used to blaming vampires for their misfortunes.  But from a storytelling standpoint...! Hoo mama! Alexandru is a cursing machine! He just happens to suck at it, is all.

Alexandru has been hard for me to write until recently.  I wanted a character who would create conflict, but he’s an unrepentant jerk.  And I don’t enjoy mean-spirited humor.  (Which means I stopped reading Mark Millar comics some time ago.)  My solution was to make Alexandru a “poser.”  He talks a good game, but he’s a seriously pathetic vampire.-- Jeremy Rizza

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