Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ugandan Pres. Museveni Pull Supports of Anti-gay Bill (video)

Bowing to international pressure, Ugandan president Museveni has begun to distance himself from the proposed "Kill the Gays" bill currently under consideration in the African nation. The following video shows Museveni addressing members of parliament. Museveni talks about conversations with world leaders, including British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton all wanting to discuss the same issue, "the gays".

Museveni also mentions the rally in New York of 300,000 protesting the anti-gay legislation introduced by member of parliament David Bahati. It's difficult to fully understand what the Ugandan leader is saying through his thick accent, but I think the gist of it is, he doesn't want to piss off 300,000 gays.

With hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid at risk, Museveni is backing away from the bill and says he will be speaking with Bahati to encourage him to do the same.

I feel good about being an American today knowing that my government stood up for the rights of LGBT people. Let's hope it begins to do the same here at home.

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  1. I to had a hard time understanding the words through the thick accent. It is not a true victory until that goverenment backs off completely with it's practice of oppressing the glbt individuals there. If they back away from killing,to placing people in prisons with torture ...is that a victory worthy of celebration for anyone? The origin of this genocidal Bill needs to be opened/widely disseminated to the media for everyone to see...and they should be held accountable as the inciteful,hate driven criminals that they are.


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