Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Viking Zombie Boyfriend, by Jeremy Rizza (1-26-10)

A little background from the artist:

"As if Rorik wasn’t having enough trouble bonding with Paco...! Like a lot of supernatural creatures, Rorik seems to have an unfortunate effect on the hyper-sensitive.  Like dogs.  And babies! “Rubble” is inspired by my awesome boyfriend’s dog, Jasper.  Jasper is a stout, blond little Lhasa Apso.  He has a personality which is ten times bigger than his body! I just love the little guy!"

"Finally, and not that it matters, Kasimir is a favorite folklore creature of mine: an Ovinnik.  Ovinniks are malicious Slavic spirits that resemble scruffy black cats.  They were blamed whenever a threshing house burned down.  Why one of them is working at a waste removal company, I have no idea." -- Jeremy Rizza 

Visit vikingzombieboyfriend.com for past strips, character back stories and cool merchandise.

Posted with the permission of the artist. 

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