Monday, January 4, 2010

Celebrity News: GaGa Takes on Homophobe, Cher and Christina turn Costar Gay, Elton helps Eminem go straight

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The National Enquirer reported last week that after a performance at a club in Ottawa, Lady GaGa was dancing in the crowd during the after party and was approached by a drunk who proceeded to deride the diva about her friendship with out American Idol alum Adam Lambert.

According to the Enquirer, 
"Partying with pals at Ottawa club Barrymore’s after a concert, Lady G rolled her eyes when a knuckle-dragging Canuck staggered up and belched beerily in her face: “I saw you and ADAM LAMBERT on the AMA show, and the guy’s a flaming faggot – and I also think that you’re actually a MAN!”

Playing it cool and amused, Lady Gaga retorted: “Well, that’s your opinion, isn’t it? And I’m not about to waste my time trying to change it.”

Slurred the slob: “Well, don’t you care that you’re both going to HELL!” Gibed Gaga: “No...not as long as I don’t have to see YOUR face there!” Red-faced, Barfly bellowed: “WELL, YOU’RE A FREAK...AND SO IS HE!”

Her Ladyship’s face twisted in a mask of rage as she snarled: “Okay, that’s it! Call ME anything you want, but when you start calling my friends names, it’s OVER – it’s WAR!”

Swift as a striking snake, she suddenly whipped her glass of water right in Crocked Canuck’s kisser – and the whole bar cheered wildly. Before the creep could react, Gaga snapped her fingers and flounced out of the joint with her jeering entourage in tow." 

This just in from

Sharing the screen with Christina Aguilera and Cher is enough to bring out the gay in anyone. The big-voiced divas didn’t send some gay fanboy into a tailspin on the set of their new movie, but they may well have made costar Kristen Bell question her sexual orientation.
"I have never felt so much good female energy around me," Bell told the New York Post. "I find that I can't take my eyes off them. I'm 99 percent sure I will leave this movie a lesbian."

Bell costars with Cher and Aguilera in Burlesque, the story of a small-town girl who comes to Los Angeles and makes it as an erotic dancer, due in theaters next fall.

From the Huffington Post, we hear that Sir Elton is helping rapper, homophobe and all-around douche bag Eminem go straight:

LONDON — Elton John says he has been helping American rapper Eminen fight drug problems for more than a year.
John says Eminem is succeeding in his well-publicized battle against substance abuse.

John told BBC Radio Saturday that as a recovered drug abuser he is happy to help people if they want the assistance but drugs make people so cocky and arrogant that they often reject help.

Eminem has written about his substance abuse problems in the past.

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