Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holy Douche Bag! Pat Robertson call Haitian earthquake "a blessing"

You gotta hand it to Pat Robertson, he never misses an opportunity to put an Old Testament spin on disaster. He blamed 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina on the gays and claims to have to power to move hurricanes away from his Hampton Roads, Va. headquarters and send them up the coast to smite the sinners.

Now this nut-job says that the catastrophic earthquake that struck Haiti this week, which some news services say may leave half the population dead and the rest homeless, is "a blessing in disguise", calling it a chance for the island nation to start over.

Why would God do this to the poorest country in the western hemisphere? Take a look at this 700 Club clip. Notice how the woman sitting with Pat struggles to look like she's taking him seriously, as he talks about Haiti's "pact with the devil" that freed the island nation, founded by former slaves, from French rule. In the 2nd clip from Wednesday night's "Rachel Maddow Show", the Haitian ambassador responds to Pastor Pat-shit with a history lesson.

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