Monday, November 22, 2010

Does this TSA Full-Body Scan make my butt look big? (reader poll and video)

I posted this pic on FaceBook over the weekend, which prompted some fun discussions about the choice facing many holiday travelers this week. You could be randomly selected by airport security for a full body scan, especially if something in your pocket, a body piercing or a medical implant triggers the metal detector.

But fear not, my intrepid travelers. If you don't want strangers looking at your junk, you can opt for an "enhanced pat-down", where a stranger gets to grope your junk.

Understandably, a lot of folks have a really big problem with both of these security procedures and with good reason. CNN reported this morning about a man with an ostomy bag, a surgically attached bag for collecting urine, that became ruptured during a pat-down. He had to continue his trip in urine-soaked clothes

There was another story about a woman with a prosthetic breast, who was made to remove it while being searched at an airport. There are also concerns about how children should be searched or scanned.

Some of the FaceBook comments said that it's worth the invasion of privacy to keep us safe. Others felt that their privacy rights were being violated. Whats' your opinion? Are you traveling by plane during the holidays and if so, which procedure would you choose?

Of course SNL had to weigh in on the controversy with their own pat-down PSA.

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