Thursday, November 11, 2010

Study: Lesbian Moms Don't Abuse Their Kids, Like EVER

A twenty four year study of families led by lesbian moms reveals that the kids in those families are never, ever, physically or sexually abused by their parents or care givers. The ongoing study has followed the lives of  these families to determine how the lives of these children are impacted by being raised by lesbian moms.

Researchers at UCLA's Williams Institute questioned a group of  78 17-year-olds as part of the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study and found that none of them reported ever being physically or sexually abused, compared to 26% of kids raised by straight parents reporting physical abuse and 8.3% reporting sexual abuse.

The report goes on to bust another right-wing myth about gay parents indoctrinating their kinds into "the homosexual lifestyle". Only 2.7% of boys and 0.0% of girls in the study reported being exclusively homosexual in orientation, for a statistical average of 1.4%.

The same group released a study earlier this year which concluded that these same kids do better in school, are more emotionally well adjusted and have better coping skills than their hetero-raised counterparts.
The message is clear. If the U.S. wants to be more competitive in the global market, wants to reduce crime and violence against women and children and become a force for peace in the world, all of our children should be raised by lesbians. 
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