Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jennifer Grey wins "Dancing with the Stars" and Other Unimportant Stuff

I watched "Dancing with the Stars" for the first time ever last night and the first thought that struck me was "where are all the stars?" I guess they all lost out in previous weeks, because there was nobody in the final competition that would I would remotely call a star. Not the cute black guy, certainly not Bristol Palin, "The Dancing Moose". Although, I did find it funny when Tom Bergeron pointed out that she drove five days to get there. What, Momma Grizzly couldn't spring for a coach seat?

Not even winner Jennifer Grey, who hasn't worked in almost twenty years, since her nose job made her more gorgeous, but nearly unrecognizable, could be considered a star any more. Sure, she's the daughter of Broadway legend Joel Grey, (Cabaret), and she had a great run in films like Red Dawn, Ferris Buehler's Day Off and the film for which she's best remembered, Dirty Dancing, but seriously, isn't there an expiration date on the "star" label?

A lot of the gays have gotten all worked up about this season, because they wanted to take out all their anger and frustration at Sarah Palin on her talentless, unwed, teen mom daughter, who hasn't let the fact that she's not in college keep her from packing on the Freshman 20. Seriously, when they showed her rehearsal clips from beginning to end, it was like watching Eddie Murphy in "The Nutty Professor". I think she's the only person I've ever seen get fatter from several weeks of vigorous exercise.

But it's really not fair to scapegoat Bristol just because her mother is such an idiot. She's a big enough dope in her own right.

It was satisfying to see Jennifer Grey win, only because she really was the most talented person in the competition and she had some actual dance training in her past. On a personal note, Dirty Dancing was filmed here in Southwestern Virginia, at nearby Mountain Lake Resort, where my hubby used to work, so there's a local connection. We took a drive out there a few years ago. They still have what they call Baby's Cabin preserved as it was in the film and the staff will proudly show it off to guests and visitors. They also used to show off the room where Patrick Sawyze stayed. Paul says that if it was occupied, they'd just take the guests to a different room and tell them it was his. He stayed in five different rooms during his stay, so it wasn't really lying. They even had a life-sized cutout of Patrick Swayze they could move from room to room as needed.

So, anyway, congrats to Baby (like she's gonna read this) and "so long!" to the Baby-Momma.
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