Thursday, November 4, 2010

Watch: Rudy Giuliani Calls For an End to DADT (video)

Picture of Rudy GiulianiImage via WikipediaFormer New York Mayor and failed presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani spoke to CNN's Wolf Blitzer about the president's comments about Tuesday's election results. They talked about Obama revisiting his commitment to end Don't Ask, Don' Tell during the current lame duck session of congress. Giuliani points out that unlike previous election cycles, there was not a lot of emphasis on social issues. The focus this time was on the economy, keeping the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and repealing "Obamacare".

Rudy told Wolf that the GOP should "ease up" on DADT repeal. Could it be possible that we could see an end to DADT by the end of the year?
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