Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Viking Zombie Boyfriend, By Jeremy Rizza (11-10-10)

When we last saw our heroes, Dill was tending to his friend Sticky, who had gotten into a bar fight while performing his drag routine. I hate it when that happens. Er... I mean I would hate that if... oh never mind . It turns out all the drama and trauma was over latin hottie, Paco.

Jeremy writes: "You want Paco? You got Paco! Next week, Rorik helps him prep for his date with 'legendary' daddybear Felix Cadbury.  (Sorry, Sticky, but you’re not the kid’s type.)

The permanent page of this week’s strip is here."

Visit the VZB home page for previous strips, character back stories and cool merchandise.

Posted with the permission of the artist.

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