Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Praise of HIV Negative Gay Men (video)

I came across this video recently and I wanted to share it, but somehow didn't get around to it. I'm not sure how I found it, but Mark S. King, creator of the blog, "My Fabulous Desease" and the man who made the video, sent me a message on FaceBook this morning telling me how much he enjoyed this blog and asked if we could link to each other. It turns out we had "friended" each other on FB recently. You know how it goes on FB. The software recommends people you might like to know based on the connectedness of people on your friends list to other users.

So I checked out his site and I was really impressed by what Mark has put together. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that he was the one who made this really funny video. I love it any time someone uses humor to make a serious point and Mark does just that in talking about his HIV positive status while acknowledging something that we all know but are afraid to talk about: most gay men are HIV negative.

It may seem unfeeling and insensitive to our Poz friends to talk about it, but despite the increase in unsafe sex practices in young people and the lack sufficient funding for education and outreach programs, most people in our community are hearing the message and acting responsibly. So it is with the utmost respect to those of my friends living with HIV/AIDS that I say that being Neg is a good thing.

Thanks, Mark, for your feedback and for putting a new face on an old problem. Check out Mark's site for some really terrific writing. 

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