Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2010 Olympics Will Have First Gay House

(From The New York Times)
"WHISTLER, British Columbia — Dean Nelson has a vivid imagination. He can stand in a 920-square-foot hotel conference room, set up for a business meeting in mid-July, and see a sometimes-smoldering, sometimes-pulsating party club there by February.

He can see a giant rainbow flag hanging outside and a line to the door. Mostly, though, Nelson can see a comfortable, inclusive hangout for gays, perhaps some of the hundreds of athletes at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics who will be competing in and around this bustling ski town. And he can see it making a statement to everyone outside of Pride House.

“We anticipate Pride House is going to rock the Olympics,” Nelson said.

Every Olympics includes temporary, carefully designed places for athletes and officials from various countries to socialize — a U.S.A. House, a Canadian Pavilion, a Russia House and so on. Holland House, sponsored by Heineken, is often the biggest and boldest.

Pride House is believed to be the first such house for gay and lesbian athletes and their friends and families."

Read the full story here.

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