Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Weekly Feature: "Viking Zombie Boyfriend"

I am pleased to announce that the online comic "Viking Zombie Boyfriend", will be featured here at Rev. Steve's Cyber-Pulpit every Tuesday.

For the uninitiated, the strip follows the daily lives of Dill and Rorik, your typical everyday gay couple with a slight difference. Rorik is a 1000 year old Viking Zombie. Strip creator Jeremy Rizza describes him this way:

"[H]e was born all the way back in pre-Christian Scandinavia. He’s managed to live over a thousand years the old-fashioned way: by being dead for most of them. You see, he’s a Norse folklore creature called a “draugr.” The draugar (plural) are fallen warriors who regenerate inside their burial mounds. Now that he has the hang of it, Rorik can recover from any injury just by burrowing underground for a week."

"Rorik is a skilled harpist and singer. He loves going to the symphony and the opera, and he collects 'illuminated manuscripts', a.k.a. comic books. He is physically incapable of tanning."

Rorik's mortal domestic partner is Dill, who Rizza describes as "very comfortable in his own skin, and he’s just as comfortable in a Pucci scarf or a reproduction of one of Aretha Franklin’s hats. A li’l blond bear of the musclechub/fireplug variety, he is a free spirit, an aesthete, a dandy, an anarchist, and a show-off of the first order. He is still a little shellshocked to find himself acting as the more sensible half in a relationship."

The rest of the cast is made up of a quirky mix of neurotic humans and even more neurotic non-humans from Norse mythology. Go here for a full back story of all of the the strip's characters.

I want to express my thanks to Jeremy for letting me do this.

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