Saturday, July 11, 2009

Woo Hoo! I'm a Real Blogger Now!

I am honored to announce that the Bilerico Project has posted one of my articles. I was inspired to write the piece called, "What's in a Handshake" after attending a party last weekend at the home of one one my friends from work.

Thanks to Belrico Editor Bil Browning for his encouragement and to Dana Rudolph of the blog, "Mombian", who serves as Bilerico's weekend editor. Dana told me by e-mail that she had no edits for the article itself, just for the bio I submitted. It never occurred to me that I could edit my bio. Maybe next time I'll include a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth.

The Bilerico Project is one of the nation's top LGBT blogs made up of fifty contributors from all over the country. Bilerico announced this week that its efforts to expose the homophobia behind Rockstar Energy Drink paid off in the form of a $100k settlement.

It is truly an honor to be chosen as a guest blogger. I feel just like Pinocchio when he became a real boy. You can read my guest post at

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